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Product: Abundant Mind

Format: Digital (streaming videos plus bonuses to be downloaded)

Price: $77

Cheapest place to buy: product official page

Guarantee: 60 days 100% money-back guarantee

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Abundant Mind, product overview

There are many programs, based on the principles of the Law of Attraction, that claim to make you start a “life of abundance”. You may have been wishing to attract:

  • more money into your life;
  • limitless abundance;
  • a healthy body and mind;
  • the perfect relationship;
  • more happiness;
  • the life you’ve always wanted.

I have already told you about The Secret of Deliberate Creation of Dr. Robert Anthony, a great program which offers to you a way to make your life successful in all its aspects: well, Abundant Mind Program has similar aims, but following a different method. While the former mostly requires your conscious commitment, the latter works mainly with your unconscious level, through a method of “visualization“. Therefore I would say that your choice between one of the two should depend basically on your tendency towards either an active conscious work or a passive unconscious work that goes on in the background of your mental processes. Both methods could be good as well, it depends on you.

You may have already tried to achieve all of the above goals, and more, with the power of the Law of Attraction, through programs based on a method of “visualization”. But it’s a fact that most of the people who try to visualize, fail, and simply give up. They go back to their unsatisfying lives convinced that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, at least for them.

Abundant Mind is a new program, based on visualization, that is able to succeed where other (apparently) similar programs have failed. Or better, it is able to make you succeed where others have made you fail.

How Abundant Mind Works

The known maxim “like attracts like” is rooted in the first of the Seven Hermetic Principle, that is Mentalism:

THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.

All our emotional and mental activities are but ripples in the surface of an endless ocean of energy, that is the Universe. Such ripples are not random, but take precise “forms” depending on the nature and strength of one’s emotional and mental activities: they are the so-called “thought forms“. This thought forms are such to interact with the individual who generated it, in a sort of a process which to some extent can feed itself (feedback).

But that’s not all. One’s thought forms can influence not only people nearby, but at a great distance also, and actually the totality of the individual thought forms create a huge “cloud” of various vibrational energies to which everyone is contributing and from which everyone receive the vibrational frequencies that have more affinity with his nature.

Every individual is a sort of aerial which is picking up, from the “cloud”, those vibrational frequencies which are in resonance with his nature: the same emotions and thoughts that we are sending to the “cloud”, come back to us expanded and strengthened, supporting the firsts.

This is why we say that the Universe sends this same energy back to you, whether it’s positive or negative; and such energy attracts situations, opportunity’s and conditions in your life that are on the same vibrational frequency. Thus, negative thoughts and emotions attract more of the same, never allowing you to push ahead.

However, you have the possibility to affect your subconscious and conscious mind in order to emit only positive energy: in this way, positive opportunity’s, circumstances and conditions shall follow, simply because that is what you are attracting.

Here comes Abundant Mind Program with its visualization videos specifically designed to “rewire your brain“, so enabling you to start sending and receiving positive energy. Your thoughts, your emotions and your mindset will be positively affected while your subconscious mind is being softly reprogrammed.

Abundant Mind visualization videos works similarly to a “supercharged vision board“, in order to unblock your unconscious mind and start affecting real, positive change within your conscious mind. But unlike many of the so called “visualization videos”, available on the internet, which just feature moving photos mixed with some music and text based affirmations, Abundant Mind visualization videos features a combination of four proven techniques to improve your thoughts, emotions and mindset.

Each visualization video integrates the following technologies:

  • high definition themed video imagery;
  • meditation audio soundtrack with spatial effects;
  • brainwave entrainment through binaural beats;
  • subliminal commands (both spoken and visual).

In order to truly affect your subconscious it is imperative to tie the visualizations with proper emotional states: so, Abundant Mind videos use themed video sequences, related to the desired outcome, to ensure the right state of mind and right emotional connection.

But visualization is ineffective if your mind/body is not in a state to be able to realize and absorb what you are perceiving: if you are distracted, preoccupied or just “somewhere else”, it cannot work. For this purpose, all Abundant Mind visualization videos feature a 3D spatial soundtrack that will induce a relaxed, meditative like state.

The effects of the meditation inducing audio tracks is empowered through the use of binaural beats, which will make it easier for your subconscious to absorb the positive visual and audio programming. These pulsating tones replicate the same frequency levels of your brainwaves, and are added to each video according to the proper emotional state that is to be established. It is known that all mental states have associated brainwave frequencies that can be replicated using binaural beats.

Finally, the videos utilize written subliminal commands that appear very quickly on screen; and many videos provide also subliminal audio in addition to visual. Subliminal commands works as a form of hypnosis and are a more effective format when combined with meditative audio and video, which is why they are integrated within each video. They operate directly on the subconscious level to slowly enforce the desired effect. Such powerful training will gradually change your way of thinking, beliefs, values and even your behavior.

The following are some sample videos which can give you an idea of the whole Program.


What is included in Abundant Mind Program

The core of Abundant Mind Program is a streaming video library that contains over 42 pre-made videos, and there are new ones being added all the time. Full length videos range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes long; each one of them is designed and themed with different outcomes in mind. Overall, there are more than 27 hours of streaming videos.

Nothing is to be downloaded. the entire collection of videos is accessible online through any internet connected device, anywhere you are. It is recommended that you use a set of headphones and not your computer speakers to attain the best results.

You need to watch the videos and absorb the content as often as possible to fully realize the benefits; ideally, you should set aside some quiet relaxation time twice a day, to watch whatever video has the outcome you wish to achieve.

In addition to the videos, the program offer interesting and valuable bonuses:

  • ​six full length downloadable subliminal audio files in MP3 format;
  • The Power of Meditation, downloadable ​PDF ebook
  • Ways of Knowing, downloadable ​PDF ebook
  • Manifestation Mastermind, downloadable PDF ebook.

Pros and Cons of Abundant Mind Program


  • If you have any problem connecting to the internet, you cannot access to the streaming videos.
  • It requires at least on hour commitment everyday, which might be a little difficult to find in your busy dayily routine.


  • The price is cheap, considering the amount of stuff.
  • You don’t need to download anything except for bonus ebooks; you can access all videos anywhere in the world, provided you have a device and an internet connection.
  • Following the program does not require your “hard work”, but simply your full relaxation and availability to receive the messages.

My conclusions on Abundant Mind Program: recommended

My personal conclusion is that Abundant Mind visualization videos are an interesting and valuable solution to improve your life, if you feel to be quite receptive and able to relax. If it is not so, it is advisable for you to work first on that, with other practices, in order to increase your control over your mind and your emotions; but this is simply something that everybody should do…

I recommend Abundant Mind Program. Moreover, you have nothing to lose (thanks to the 60 days money-back guarantee) if the Program would be ineffective for you. I suggest you to visit the official page, where you will find more details on the technologies used by the videos.

If anybody has already experienced Abundant Mind, feel free to leave his comments, I will greatly appreciate it!