[REVIEW] – The Secret of Deliberate Creation


Product: The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Format: Digital (to be downloaded)

Price: $97

Cheapest place to buy: directly from the creator, Dr. Robert Anthony

Guarantee: 60 days 100% money-back guarantee

My Rating: 9 out of 10


The Secret of Deliberate Creation , product overview

I want to be clear at once: this program is for you if you really want to change your life for better, if you are willing to do whatever it takes and to work hard in order to succeed.

Does It sound too harsh and daunting? If so, I’m sorry: stop reading this review and continue your current life, where…

  • you have been always struggling with your job and finances;
  • you have been all the time involved in disappointing and frustrating personal relationships;
  • you have been evermore afflicted by poor health, bad moodanxiety and stress;
  • there is something that you desperately want, but that you don’t seem to be able to attain, no matter how hard you try;
  • you’ve been frustrated with achieving the life that you dream of;
  • you are wasting time and money with a lot of easy-reading self-help books which promise your self-fulfillment  while you are placidly daydreaming and twiddling your thumbs.

You may have not stop reading. Indeed you may want to stop all above pains and troubles, and to start to improve your life now! Then Dr. Robert Anthony’s The Secret of Deliberate Creation could help you.

Who is Dr. Robert Anthony?

The hit movie The Secret released on DVD by Rhonda Byrne, back in 2006, had the great merit of making the public acquainted with the Law of Attraction. Well, Rhonda Byrne acknowledged Dr. Robert Anthony as the inspiration behind his movie.

He has spent over 30 years studying mind power development. This includes an academic background with a PhD in cognitive psychology, a master certification in both Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Clinical Hypnosis.

In addition, over the years he has authored fifteen books and dozens of audio training programs, including The Secret of Deliberate Creation, which is one of the best-selling personal development audio programs in the world. His flagship books, Beyond Positive Thinking and the multi-million copy best-seller The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence, are currently published in 22 foreign languages.

Dr. Anthony has been training in all forms of energy therapy, including NLP, TFT, TAT and EFT; he is licensed by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Over the past 25 years, he has hypnotized over 15,000 people around the world.

Dr. Anthony has spoken at over 5,000 seminars and has also appeared on numerous television programs at ABC, CBS, NBC. He has worked for Federal Express, May Kay, Proctor and Gamble and many other Fortune 500 companies. Beside this, he has been a consultant to individuals from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, personal development trainers, authors, hypnotists, students, couples, golfers, dancers, actors, singers and some well-known Hollywood celebrities.

How Dr. Anthony’s Program works

The Secret of Deliberate Creation claim to be a

Powerful, proven technique that unlocks the Law of Attraction, so you can finally manifest what you want.

But what is the major difference between this Program, and many others that claim to make you achieve your desires? Many other teachers are telling you about the art of manifesting, setting intentions and sending out positive thoughts; but the point is – Dr. Anthony states – that this is only a fraction of what required to deliberately create things. The basic premise is missing, that is dealing with the obstacles which frustrate all the work.

Dr. Anthony’s Program is based on the understanding of what are the obstacles which prevent you from creating the life you want. Presently, you are creating your life mainly through an unconsciousdefault mode, instead of a conscious design mode. The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law of Deliberate Creation and is evermore true and functioning for each and everyone; yet it is as a secret for you just because you don’t know how to use it, nor even its existence.

Most of the time you are blocking the deliberate creation process because your conscious mind and your unconscious psyche are sending conflicting messages.

Well, you may ask, “Am I deliberately sabotaging myself?” Absolutely not. Because of our “hardware” nature, no one could deliberately harm themselves.

But what is happening is that through limited, mostly unconscious beliefs, and negative, unexamined habitual patterns, you are creating your life by default.  It’s no secret that 95% of all self-help programs fail. Yet it’s not usually the person’s fault: it’s the program fault of never getting get beyond information to achieve actual results.

The point is that if you want to manipulate Manifestation, you have to understand that Manifestation is about Alignment, operating on two levels:

  1. Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics.
    In the world of Quantum Physics, thoughts (positive or negative) attract their equivalent or vibrational match. “Like attracts like.” Whatever you think, you attract things of matching quality. Think good thoughts — attract good things. Think bad, negative or needy thoughts — attract bad, negativity and need.
  2. Conscious and Subconscious Alignment.
    There must be full alignment between your conscious desires and your subconscious intentions. If they are in conflict, it is impossible for you to create what you want.

Still, knowing this is good, but it’s not enough. According to Dr. Anthony, what is needed is more than just intellectually knowing what you have to do: you must take action on what you know. This means that it’s not just a case of reading a book and telling you to send out positive thoughts into the Universe, since positive conscious thoughts plus negative unconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviour produce zero results.

Now you understand the point, but surely you are wondering: “How do I get in alignment?” Well, here comes The Secret of Deliberate Creation: Dr. Anthony’s Program is designed just to do this for you.

What is included in Dr. Anthony’s Program

Dr. Anthony’s Program is a package of six hours of audio sessions, plus seven “bonus gift” ebooks, plus an additional bonus consisting of one piece of software. All this stuff can be downloaded at the special price mentioned above, $97, that’s 45% off the hard copy price of $177 (which can be delivered on CDs via mail).

The audio sessions are articulated into six units, corresponding to six CDs in hard copy. Here follow the contents of these units:

Disc 1:

  • Introduction
  • Quantum Physics – The Key to Creating Your Future
  • The Law of Attraction

Disc 2:

  • How the Collective Consciousness of Others Control Your Life
  • How to Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System
  • The Secret of the Flip Switch
  • Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner

Disc 3:

  • Heart-Set vs. Mindset
  • How to Know What You Truly Desire
  • Your Creative Magic Energy
  • The Law of Critical Mass

Disc 4:

  • Communicating with Your ESP
  • Understanding Time and Your “Point of Power”
  • Allowing vs. Resisting

Disc 5:

  • Removing Self-Sabotage and Mental Blocks
  • Let Go and Let It Happen

Disc 6:

  • How to Know When It’s Time to Take Action
  • The Road to No More Excuses
  • The Ultimate Secret to Creating Your Life by Design

The above is the core of Dr. Anthony’s Program, but in addition to this there are much more stuff absolutely free. First of all, seven Dr. Anthony’s successful ebooks on PDF:

  • Beyond Positive Thinking – A No-Nonsense Formula for Getting the Results You Want
  • Betting on Yourself – Step-By-Step Strategies for the Total Winner
  • The Ultimate Secret of Total Self Confidence
  • Magic Power of Super Persuasion – For Top Achievers Who Want to Turn Personal Ideas into Positive Results
  • Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do – The Ultimate Key to Personal Happiness and Financial Freedom
  • How to Make the Impossible Possible – Turning Your Life Around through Possibility Thinking
  • 50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life! – An Indispensable Guide to Happiness and Prosperity

The value of these books alone is worth the $97 price of the whole program, but it’s not all. As above said, the package also includes a piece of software (available only for Microsoft Windows):

The goal of this software it to get your attention back on what you desire. In order to achieve this, the software flashes messages on your desktop screen, or make them scroll, to increase your motivation and desire to happen. These have sample intentions, but you can create your own.

Pros and cons of Dr. Anthony’s Program


  • The Program is not advisable for who is searching quick tips and howtos.
  • A few areas of the audio sessions are just a little “dry”.
  • The Program is not advisable for who doesn’t want to challenge his habits, beliefs and behaviour.
  • The Intention Activator software is available only for Microsoft Windows.
  • If you need the hard copy of the Program, the price is considerably higher (almost double)


  • The language of Dr. Anthony is clear and comprehensible to anybody.
  • The training is really complete and easy to follow even in its theoretical and scientific aspects.
  • The Program is designed to be flexible, and fits into your schedule.
  • The Program provides practical instructions to actually be implemented in your life.
  • All the tracks can easily be transferred to mp3 players and ipod to be listened everywhere, not just at home.
  • There are generous bonus gift and the total price is well-worth the informative and practical value of the Program.

My conclusions on The Secret of Deliberate Creation

My conclusive opinion is that Dr. Anthony’s Program is credible, solid and well designed, and can really change your life for the better, provided that you will want to commit fully and challenge yourself. If you have a different inclination, and prefer a more “relaxed” approach, I may suggest you to read my review of Abundant Mind Program.

But I feel that you are ready to improve your life. Moreover, you have nothing to lose (thanks to the 60 days money-back guarantee) if the Program would be ineffective for you, but on the other hand, you have a lot to lose! So, go confidently for it. Visiting the website, you will read a lot of successful stories: yours could be the next one.

If anybody has already experienced The Secret of Deliberate Creation, feel free to leave his comments, I will greatly appreciate it!