How to use Visualization Techniques and Positive Thinking


In previous posts, I wrote about visualisation techniques as tools provided by the Law of Attraction, along with positive thinking, in order to attain one’s life goals or desires. For example, Abundant Mind Program (see my review) is entirely based on visualisation techniques implemented through its specific videos. Thus, I think it should be useful to cover this topic a bit more, and for this purpose, I found some interesting material: two articles already published on the web, which I collected to show you now.

Cosmic Abortions – Why Visualization or Positive Thinking or Law of Attraction Generally Fails?

Visualisation, positive thinking and Law of Attraction are the powerful mind-techniques used over centuries for living out your dreams and changing your life.

Visualisation is thoughts in pictures forms. It is the practice of picturing your goals in order to attain them. This technique uses your mind and imagination to build mental images and guide positive intention to achieve your objective.

People, who are efficient in attracting positives, trained their minds to focus on their desires. Abundance comes to them naturally. This is the famous Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

Many people fuelled with zest after reading many books on positive thinking, visualisation and Law of Attraction and start pumping themselves up with positive thinking and visualising them rich, healthy and successful. But yet nothing seems to happen.

Sometimes they end up as failures, disillusioned and cynical. Despite following the entire author’s or mentors instructions correctly, doing all the visualising and thinking positively, which were necessary, and yet they got no results.

Cosmic abortion

Human consciousness is not a closed vessel, but like the body, it has a continual intake and output. The cosmic forces are circulating through it all the time, like sea-water through a living sponge.

The subjective self only has kindling, the cosmos supplies fuel. Once the fire is started the cosmic forces of appropriate type will stroke it. When the thought form which you have conceived in a cosmic plane as visualisation/positive thinking, do not transform into reality but get distorted and achieve self-destruction it  is known as cosmic abortion.

This is the process by which the occult technique of empowerment fails or ends with the removal or expulsion of the seed thought from the cosmic womb.

Causes for the failures

  • You do not know exactly what you want at all the times in your life.
  • You do not know the right technique or the right implementation of the technique.
  • There will be no uninterrupted flow of pranic energy between your conscious and subconscious minds.
  • There might be buried emotional complexes, and the person refuses to believe that such a thing exists.
  • Karmic destiny: when you are saved from the most foolish fates of your own immature imagination/visualisation because of your Karmic destiny.
  • You always ask for idiotic things, and simply insult your subconscious mind by repeating stupid and unrealistic goals.

One cannot expect perfect health having dirty, unhealthy habits, lead irregular hours, eat junk food etc. In the same way, one person having a sloth like attitude, cannot expect miracles in few days. Any type of occult practice will not work here.

Your goal clashes with the interest of the other person/s or society. If you are already a victim of negative thought patterns like inception, black magic and psychic attacks the powerful techniques of empowerment might not work for you.

The Secret of Visualization

Visualisation can be extremely empowering.  Though it’s not easy, I attempt to use it all the time.

The thing most people don’t understand about visualisation is that there is, in fact, a logic behind it.  I’ll do my best to attempt to explain it.

When you visualise something, whether it be getting married, having kids,  becoming president of your company, or even ruling the world, you’re actually tricking yourself into believing that whatever it is you’re visualising is actually a possibility.

When you think something isn’t possible, it’s self-prophecy.  You’re absolutely right.  It’s not possible. So be careful. If you think you will not be promoted, then this thought will be fulfilled. If you think you will not be able to date your dream girl, similarly this will be fulfilled. Or you think in your lifetime owning such a big house is only a dream. Ah yes, it will be.

We tend to think negatively, by default. There is a reason for it. Human evolution teaches us to defend ourselves against possible calamity. In the modern world, we need to change these negative thoughts to positive, and the reason it is so important is that they control what we have, do and be in our lives.

How to change it? Think of it as a balance scale in our minds. One side is weighted down by the negative defence that makes the default belief. But we can change that by adding the enough “weight” to the other side as we visualise what is possible. Start having a positive thought. Then another. Then another, and another. Visualising often enough is like adding ‘weight’ to the other side of the scale until it tipped over.

If you visualise something, you’re seeing yourself accomplish that which might seem totally implausible.  If you keep convincing yourself that it is in fact, possible…then by all means, the sky is the limit.

Once you truly believe that something is, in fact, possible, you start taking steps towards achieving that which you’ve visualised.  This is often times done subconsciously.

Doubt is the ultimate dream killer.  If you desire to rule the world, but you doubt that you’ll ever be able to do it…then you’ll stop yourself dead in your tracks from getting on the train that takes you to the “world ruling academy” as it passes right in front of you.

On the other hand, if you truly believe that it is in fact, possible that you may someday rule the world, you’ll have the confidence to be first in line to get on that train.

The further along you go, the more confidence you’ll get, and what once seemed totally implausible…can eventually become very very possible.  It happens ALL THE TIME!

The trick is to totally convince yourself into believing that whatever it is that you so desire… is in fact… possible.

That’s “The Secret”.